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A Seasonal Glimpse

A Seasonal Glimpse


This weekend we had our 17th month of Marriage! Wow, time has gone by so fast and we can’t believe all that the Lord has done in and through us in the last 17 months. 


Emily and I have been working diligently with youth pastors and groups over the nation to set up missions trips and begin the journey of discipleship in God’s global purpose with these participants. 


With that to say we have had phone call after phone call and meeting after meeting. We have been solving logistical problems as well as changes with COVID regulations. 


We had the privilege of sending one out a team in November, two in December, and January who had an incredible experience connecting with the Lord and each other. The groups consisted of middle schoolers, families, and college students. We’ve had the honor of building an in-person relationship with the school that sent out 2 teams of middle school students and about to send their 3rd. This group of middle school students dove deep into their faith and saw a new way of life that has never been modeled to them. 


Looking ahead, we have the privilege of sending 2 teams in February, and 4 teams in March. One of the biggest things we are working on is tornado relief in Kentucky. As of now there have been 460 people displaced and 1,200 jobs lost. They are expecting a 2 year demolition period followed by a 5 year rebuild. We have the privilege of being on the front lines here and organizing teams to come and serve in this community. Hopefully, the relief we get to be a part of will be physical, emotional and spiritual. In the month we’ve been mobilizing 10 teams to Mayfield, KY! This community has such hope coming their way! Currently, we (Emily, I, and you) are sending out 1,000+ participants (60+ teams) of all ages, backgrounds, and spiritual journeys. In March and April we have the opportunity to visit churches where we will get to teach on the Biblical understandings of missions. We will also travel locations which we send teams to build relationship with the ministry partners there and understand the ministry being done. As of now we plan on going to partners in Springfield, New Mexico, and potentially Arizona and Kentucky. Thirdly we will be going to our first Conference in which we will get to connect with ministry leaders and invite them into a missional experience with Adventures in Missions. 


Emily – has been working on interviewing teams, getting the right heart and expectations set before going on the mission field. She has been diligently working with our team to make sure every group has everything they need. On a personal note, Emily has been finding new joy in making meals in the instant pot, creating her own gummy candy, and creating a healthy home. 


Andrew – for me I have been preparing for a leaders training where we are preparing leaders for missions trips this summer. Personally, I have found joy in playing basketball with some Adventures guys on a weekly basis. I also got to organize a men’s retreat to dive deeper into community with those that are doing similar work. We went into the mountains for a weekend and simply spent time with each other and dove deeper into our journeys with the Lord. 


Overall, we could use prayer in the following areas:


Wisdom – housing has gotten so expensive here in Georgia. We are moving out of our place in February and going to wait till after the summer to reevaluate where we will live. We plan to be in Bismarck, ND for the summer and continue the work we are doing as well as continuing the vision of FOMO 10/40 Creamery.


Joy – for our marriage and in our work. We can get caught up in the daily struggle of busyness and we need the Joy of the Lord to be our strength so we can continue. Emily and I are looking to take a little vacation in March before the craziness of the summer. Pray that we can find rest, joy and be refreshed and have a new motivation for the season to come. May, June, and July are our primary months of teams on the field both domestic and international.


Financial Provision – As of now we are a little behind our current goal for 2022. We know we have a great support team and thankful for the dedicated individuals who continue to give to our ministry. We have had some supporters drop and we just would love prayer for continued funding and that the Lord would supply all our needs daily. 

We thank God often for each one of you who read this and are invested in this ministry with us. One day, we will experience the amazing joy of praising our Lord Jesus together in heaven. We will get to experience the joys of the rewards from the effort and work done here on earth and it will never fade away. 


It is with joy and hope I write this update. Please comment questions and comments. We love to hear from you.



Much Love,


Andrew & Emily Hershey


  1. I’m so happy for you two and I hope that you can learn from your experiences!
    I’ll pray for you, for more strength and that you’ll have a rest in your vacation in March.

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