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Project Leader Training & Update

Hello Ministry Partners, Friends, and Family,


Wow we are so thankful! This month has marked a full year of being on staff with Adventures in Missions. Here are some 5 things you as a partner have helped accomplish:


1. 17 missions teams sent out all over the nation last summer

2. 350 participants got the opportunity to start and build a a deeper relationship with the Lord.

3. Personally and professionally, Emily and I have grown as we have met and trained youth groups, leaders, and connected with ministry hosts all around the nation.

4. We have been able to inspire young people in ministry and missions through the ice cream shop – FOMO 10/40 and start 2 businesses in the 10/40 window.

5. People have chosen to follow Jesus and are now worshiping him because of the work that was done this year. 

Thank you all for every moment you have prayed for us. Thank you for every penny you have invested in us. And thank you for continually journeying with us in this life of ministry and missions. 


Update: we just got back from project leader training. We had 42 leaders who will lead our short-term missions trips this summer. Emily and I had the privledge of welcoming them, training them, and then we will send them out to make an impact with teams on missions trips.

We have gotten to send out a leader (Craig) who led a trip to New Orleans. Here is what it looks like when a community brings prayer into each trip – POWERFUL!

Right after this training, Emily and I decided we needed to take a vacation before we jumped into a long season of work. We took 10 days to simply be away from our phone and with family in a place that was so nice. Simply relaxing, refreshing, and reenergizing before the summer trips start.

Starting in May we have 5 missions trips happening which kicks off our season. We will send 48+ missions trips out this summer and all together that will be about 1200 people. This is 1200 people who have the opportunity to grow deeper in their faith and affect the lives of others.

Again, thank you for all who are a part of this ministry with us!

Lastly, Emily and I had our apartment lease end in Georgia. We realized that it is not the place for us to live long-term. Housing has been consistently increasing and we found it to be not a wise investment. We decided to make our home base for this next season in Bismarck. 

Here is a picture of our moving day…

We continued to drive 28 hours straight to make it back to ND. Currently, we have decided to be homeless of 2 months as we do our spring ministry road trip. 

Emily and I got to spend a couple days back in Bismarck with our family. We are about to travel to Colorado to meet one of our staff team members. We will get to spend a couple of days connecting and working together there. We will then travel to meet churches and train youth groups in the basics of missions.

After Colorado we will be heading south to New Mexico to be an encouragement to our ministry partner with the Navajo people. We will continue to churches in Oklahoma as well as ministry partners in Texas. Finally, we will get to New Orleans, visit one of our project leaders in Mississippi before arriving back in Georgia for 2 weeks the end of April. We will fly out on a vision trip and guide a church through what their missions trip with 50 students will look like in Puerto Rico. After this, we will drive home to Bismarck and be ready to start up the ice cream shop for 2022.

All that to say, please be praying for us:

-Life on the road and for flexibility and to witness what the Lord is doing

-Pray for all the missions teams to be sent out and the logistics to come together

-Pray for our team to stay strong and do the best we can

-Pray for leaders to say yes and to be able to lead as Christ would 

-Pray for the FOMO 10/40 as the vision has been clear from the beginning. That the Lord would use it again this summer to bless families, the community and ultimately his lost children around the world.  


We need your support and prayers more than ever. Thank you for reading, commenting, and being there for us.




Andrew & Emily



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