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Back to Bismarck

Hi Friends & Family,

Wow has it been a busy season. The Lord continues to amaze us in many ways and allow us to walk in the good works He has called us in advance to do (Ephesians 2:10).

We find ourselves marveling daily at the Glory of the Lord and often find ourself singing psalms, hymns and spiritual songs from our heart and giving thanks to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. (Ephesians 5:19-20).

Grace and peace to you as you read this. Often time we feel like Paul as he traveled and shared the good news with people all over. Even with our modern day cell phone and quick connecting Facebook apps, we find it so meaningful to be face to face with people. 

Quick update: Emily and I made it. We traveled for a month and a half from New Mexico to Georgia, from Georgia to Puerto Rico, and from Puerto Rico back to Bismarck!

We wish we could share all that we have seen and heart, but I am afraid it would take too long for anyone to want to read. However, I’m here to highlight what we see the Lord doing through us in this ministry and to encourage you for investing and loving on us through your gifts and prayers. We could not do our work without you and we could not live this life worthy of the calling we have received without you – the body. (Ephesians 4:1 & 1 Corinthians 12)

Here are 3 highlights to encourage you:

#1. It is my delight to announce that I (Andrew) have been officially ordained and commissioned by Adventures in Missions as a licensed minister. I have gone through a process meeting with the leaders and being sent out. Here is a link to the youtube video if you would like to watch it:

NOTE: Feel free to fast forward until about 33:00 minutes. Deon- our pastor on staff- talks and introduces the time we have together.

Overall, this was and is so empowering and allows Emily and I both to be recognized and sent out! 

So, we got official approval to be based in BISMARCK! We can make Bismarck our home and travel from here to do the work with teams, hosts, and new ministry partners around the world. We are beyond excited to be here in this community and yet to continue this work to all the nations of the world.

#2. Another highlight is our vision trip to Puerto Rico.

(This is Emily and I with a Pastor Adriel in Puerto Rico. We prayed together and shared tears as we were touched by what the Lord is doing in and through us.)

Emily and I had the opportunity to lead a vision trip with a church from Texas. We got to guide them through what a week would look like with their youth group. We met several pastors and was encouraged to be able to bless their ministries and all that He is doing through them. 

Emily and I really got to develop connections with the church leaders and see the hope of the lives of the 50 youth that will go on this mission trip this summer! We are praying that they would be activated in their faith, experience the Lord like never before, and witness many come to know Jesus as Lord and Savior.


#3. Our last highlight is the general overview of our work!

Emily has been working so diligently to mobilize the 45 missions trips we have going out this summer. This is a ton of work. This is getting all the details for each person as well as helping figure out the logistics and setting expectations. It has been a wild ride thats for sure. 

Overall, we are praying for the 1235 participants whose lives could be changed by the power and love of Jesus. Would you pray with us for that? 

As for me (Andrew), I have been working diligently to train leaders and get them equipped to lead these 45 missions teams. It has been a process that is for sure. Everyone has different schedules and lives in different places and so it has to work together to have all the trips covered with a leader. It is by God’s grace we have seen about 20 new leaders step up and get trained this year.

If you ever want to lead missions trips in the future, we have a Project Leader Training hosted in February every year. This would be your time to be involved and prepare for the summer trips.


Our prayer is that this would encourage you and that you would see the benefit of following Jesus with your lives. He is our provider, sustainer, and giver of life. And when I say “life” I mean the abundant life – joy filled, purposeful and radiant life He has given us. May you experience that Abundant Life (John 10:10) again as you walk with Jesus daily! 


Grace and peace to you. Sincerely,


Andrew & Emily 


P.S. More exciting news to come in the next blog. Blessings!