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Journeying Together


Journeying Together 


First I know it has been awhile since I have gotten a blog out and for that I am so sorry. 


Emily and I have been working so hard to support the 55 missions trips and leaders for this summer. On top of that, we officially moved into our first home (PRAISE THE LORD!), and have got the missional Ice cream shop up and running for the summer.


I wanted to share a video of one of the missions trips that just finished and created a video:


There is so many amazing testimonies from all over the nation of young people living out their faith, deepening their relationship with Christ, and ultimately being a part of leading others to the LORD! We can say we played a part in that and because of that, you played a part in that too!


Picture of missions team that came to Bismarck!


Thank you for journeying with us in this. Some may ask what is the best and worst part of your role with Adventures?

Let me start with the best part! It is hearing tear drop stories of God touching lives! It is working with people who share in a heart for the world and a generation to receive Jesus as their King. It is being able to work side by side with my wife and fight for the Kingdom! Thank you for journeying with us.


The worst parts often are where we need the most prayer. To answer that bluntly is simply when something does not go as planned or hardship happens in a missions trip – Emily and I are the first to hear about it. Whether a Covid case happens to a leader and we need to find another one for the trip happening tomorrow OR spontaneously we can’t stay at a host site anymore and we have to work to find a place for 50 people. We hear it all and have to work fast to make sure everything is going to be okay. We hear the discouragement and the devil gets us to question, is what we are doing actually worth it?


This is where I need you- those who are journeying with us to say – “YES IT IS!

We got your back, we are praying for you, we will continue to support you.”

Thanks you for journeying with us!


We have been living on the generosity of partnerships for almost 2 years now and Emily and I could not do our work without you. If you have given one time or have been faithfully giving monthly, quarterly, or yearly – we can’t thank you enough! We hope that this ministry encourages you, strengthens your sense of purpose and feeds your sole as you grasp all that God is doing in the world. 

Feel free to look online at for more encouragement  and mission trip opportunities. We would love to have you and your family on a trip sometime! 

So personal update:


Emily and I have moved back to Bismarck and just moved into a our first home as of June 13th. It has been the first place we could ever really call home together. We lived out of our car, have been diligently stewarding everything the the Lord has provided and ultimately saw his provision and guidance to receive this gift of a home.


(First day in the home)


This summer we have been able to open up missions ice cream shop again and continue to mentor a staff of 12 in missions, business, and faith in the marketplace. We have been excited to see the Lord bless the lives of those who come to the shop and the heart to bring hope to families, the community and the world. We have seen so much growth in these young high school and early college students that it brings us so much joy to have those practical face to face relationships.



Picture of the international night where we gave away free ice cream and welcomed the nations from over 30 different countries including 7 of which where in the 10/40 window of the world. 


Late this fall Emily and I will be making a journey into the Middle East to support what God is doing through leaders in the lives of Yemenis and Egyptian believers. We will have more details to come, but would love you prayers as we take this step back into the 10/40 window. We will be also recruiting leaders for missions trips and ultimately training them up to lead trips. 


There is so much to share any much we could write about, but for now I need to simply say. Thank you for journeying with us!


Please leave us a comment or send us a message we would love to have an update from you. Please let us know of any prayer requests and we would love to pray as the Lord stirs our hearts for you. 




Andrew & Emily 



  1. Hi , A&M,
    So good to read your blog and hear of Prayer needs.
    A house in Bis is terrific. Gods blessing on your new home.
    We (Darlene andI) will be in Bismarck Aug. 10-14 th. Hope we can hook up??

  2. LETS GOOOOOOO HERSHEY FAMMMM. Congrats on the home! Praise Him. Wow. I love you guys and miss your faces. Bless you.

  3. Great to hear from you. So thankful you have been able to set down roots in your new home. We will be praying for you

  4. So proud of all you do and I thank God for both of you. Emily you do amazing work in Adventures in Missions and the LORD is using you so much. Both of you stay surrendered and keep listening to Him!

  5. Love hearing and seeing how God is working in both of you and through both of you! Honored to be a member of the AIM family with you, as well as the Kingdom Family! May God continue to bless you!

  6. Wonderful update. Praying your fall trip with meet your missional/Lord Jesus’ Kingdom goal. Love, Dad

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