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The Finish of Trip Season

Hey friends, family, supporters, encouragers and partners in ministry,
I wanted to share an update with you about the end of the Short-Term Missions Trip Season. Here is an recap from our team leader Seth:
“Hey Team,
After several down years were capped off with a total dud in 2020, we were anxious to rock n roll in 2021! We sent about 400 people (mostly youth groups) this summer to:
Hilton Head
New York
New Orleans
Rural Mississippi

Here are some pictures and testimonials

Just going on the streets of Chicago and having the leaders teach us how to pray with people we have never met and making conversation with them was the most impactful thing for me. – Amy, Youth Group Participant

Homeless ministry.jpeg
I loved everything about this trip. I felt that the leaders prayed a lot and I could feel how much the Holy Spirit moved on this trip. I’ve never seen a bigger answer to prayer than this trip. The leaders were so amazing too and I feel like they are lifelong friends. – Landon, Youth Group Participant
Elder visits.jpeg
The kids grew as disciples and left the trip closer to Jesus, more empowered to follow him and equipped to make disciples who know how to make disciples. I was super pleased. – Aaron, Church Pastor
Debref on the beach.jpeg
Here are a couple videos for your enjoyment, which will be added to our location page soon. Thanks for marketing for revamping this page for us!
Chicago video:


Hilton Head video: (this one is coming soon) thank you Ben Hershey for all your work. You can check out Ben’s Blog at:

Thanks to everyone involved to help make this possible!

Caitlin Roberson helped mobilize during 2020 when the STM team dissolved. 


Joe Rogers got back in the saddle to help with setup, and a bunch of other stuff.


Andrew and Emily Hershey joined the team and pretty much made everything happen.


Scott Borg and my dad encouraged me and provided helpful insight.


Daniel, Amber, Charmagne and others in marketing jumped in to help post trips (and put up with my many antics).


Many of the “old gang” were involved in helping STM to recapture its form, including my dad, Bill Britton, Scott Borg, Cesar and Jennifer Gonzalez, Clint Bokelman, Joe Lynch, and others.


Ben Hershey put these awesome videos together.


Morgan Malone mobilizes everyone who goes to Guatemala and that whole team puts together an incredible project!


Our group of terrific project leaders from all across the country pitched in in SOOO many ways. We couldn’t do this without that group of volunteers.


There are so many others that would take up another two pages of emails! So I’ll cut it off here with a little bit about where we’re headed.


Young people are leaving their faith because they’re bored and are looking for something real and powerful. By engaging young people with Jesus and His movement, we are seeing them hunger for the Lord in ways they have never before. They hear God’s voice for the first time. They meet felt needs, connect with the lonely and have their own hearts change, after just a week!


A few of next year’s goals:

– Send 1,000 people

– Open Alaska and a Caribbean country

– Serve in Gainesville and begin receiving teams here! (more on this to come)

– Send 2 families (the Hershey’s and Mitchell’s) around the US to strengthen relationships with the churches, ministry partners and Project Leaders

– Tell powerful stories of how the church is meeting Jesus and engaging with His movement


If you’re interested in getting involved in any way (leading projects, sending your church, joining our prayer team, or something else you may have in mind) please reach out!


Glory to glory!”


I thought you would enjoy reading this knowing that our work is producing fruit in our lives and the lives of so many around this nation and world. 


Blessings on all of you!


Andrew & Emily