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Update from Missions Team in New Orleans

Hello Family of Supporters,
I wanted to send you this brief update from a team that is on the field in New Orleans. I hope this is an encouragement to you and your faith as you walk with our Lord Jesus daily.
“Yes, we have seen the Lord working. Jesus led us to work today to clear some dangerous debris, a huge branch leaning precariously against its parent tree, threatening both the people passing near it constantly and a house just a few feet away.

Shabbir Ahmed and his neighbor Jeanette are Muslims and members of the Pakistani neighborhood. They came out to help and bring us ice cold water. Jeanette told us they have been praying that God would send someone to remove that dangerous branch. Then we showed up! Their kids came to play with our young people. It was sweet. We prayed with them at length. They had no trouble with that. They (and we, too) were thrilled to get to know us. It is possible we will be able to work there much of the rest of the mission. I think the group would like that. We definitely touched the hearts of the Ahmed family. And we’ll probably go back to attend church tomorrow. Could be the beginning of a beautiful new relationship.”

Please be praying for the teams we send out. Their faith is being tested and God is coming through again and again in their lives.

Thanks for being a part of reaching the nations through us here and far.




Andrew & Emily 

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